A Teaching team with a vision


Your teachers have been hand-picked for their love for the language and their passion for teaching. For us, simply loving the language is not enough.

Founders of the Arabic College

Mahmoud Sa'as

Ustadh Mahmoud is a native Egyptian from the City of Port Sa’id but residing in the UK. He is a graduate in the Arabic language with over 30 years of Arabic teaching experience, both in Egypt and the UK. 

Ustadh became renowned for his mastery and teaching of the language, such that he was awarded various awards in Egypt. Because of this recognition he spent a number of years training newly graduated Arabic teachers in Egypt, before moving to the UK where he has taught ever since.

He has written extensively on the various Arabic sciences and students of the Arabic College will be studying from his 24 volume Arabic curriculum designed specifically for UK students.

He combines a love for the language and a unique teaching style. His facebook profile is followed by thousands of students he has taught over the years and their appreciation for his work is evident.

Javid Patel

Ustadh Javid is a qualified Accountant by profession but who has spent the last 10 years learning the Arabic language.

Having studied under various Arabic experts in Egypt and the UK, he brings a passion for sharing what he has learnt. He is a senior student of Ustadh Mahmoud and is undergoing his teacher training programme under Ustadh’s tutelage.

Having studied a number of years without a structured curriculum, he sees the benefit of having one so the student can see what he is working towards. As such, he is keen to ensure students at the Arabic College get the most out of their learning and don’t lose sight of the end goal.

Our Story

Over 15 years ago I began my journey learning Arabic to understand the Quran. Throughout these 15 years I have gone from self study to studying locally, studying online with Arabic scholars from Egypt and then travelling to study as well. So in essence I’ve experienced all the different methods of learning.

But during these years of study, I remember the best feeling was when I was able to translate Surah Fatiha directly using the Arabic that I had learnt. And it was the most amazing feeling. Alhamdulillah since that moment I have studied further and understand so much more.

But from that day I made it my aim to firstly ensure I carry on my journey of learning and appreciating the beauty of the Quran, but also to help others. And through this ambition the Arabic College was created to help each and every one of you and your children to appreciate the beauty of the Quran in the Arabic language itself.

Fortunately I met Ustadh Mahmoud Sasaa during my studies and the two of us shared a common ambition. So, given his extensive teaching experience and my own studying experience, we set out to give students in the West an opportunity to learn Arabic in the shortest time possible.

We specialise just in the Arabic language and so all our efforts go into just helping you achieve your goal of understanding the Quran. To enable this we have developed a curriculum designed to take you and your child from absolute beginner’s level to mastery in the language. During your intermediate and advanced stages you will study Balagha and in-depth Arabic grammar with direct examples from the Quran. This will give you a true appreciation for the eloquence of the Quran.

And then you will tread the path to Arabic Mastery by studying and analysing poetry and literature to understand how language was used historically. You will analyse poetry and literature from the Jahili period and the Prophetic period. For example you will study the 7 poems that were hung around the Kabah prior to Islam due to their eloquence and beauty, along with the poems of the companion of the Prophet (SAW), Hassan Ibn Thabit (RA), and so much more.

This is not all… For our younger students we have developed a unique curriculum to build vocabulary and conversation as well as Quranic understanding, all the while tailored to the GCSE curriculum. This means your son will get a further GCSE certification at the end of his or her study, giving them the best of both worlds.

Just a few months ago, one of our students aged 9 came running to us and shared his joy when he was able to translate one whole verse of Surah Yusuf all by himself. This reinforced our vision and reignited the desire to reach each and every child.

We continue to work on new ways to support you and your child on your journey. For example, currently we’re working on an Early Reader Series for children (see our ‘Free Resources’ page) to supplement their learning and to help them become independent readers, while we’re also looking at how to make these books video because this will be one way to put the fun back into learning languages.

We are working on all of this and more. We hope you will join us and begin your own Arabic journey with us and through teaching you we’ll find more ways to support our students on their journey to Arabic Mastery and Quranic understanding.

If you have the desire to learn but can’t make the time then reach out to us and we will arrange short 30 minute sessions during your lunch break or during your convenience. We will do our utmost to work to your convenience. But if you can’t commit to even this, then pledge to support a child in your family so that he does not grow wishing he’d knew what Allah is saying to him or her through the Quran.



We are a Student and Teacher of the Arabic Language who have come together with a common goal of helping you reach your goal of understanding the Quran in Arabic. To achieve this, we have developed a unique curriculum and handpicked Arabic language experts from around the world.

We have a strict criteria when choosing our teachers. They must demonstrate a passion for the language and a similar passion for teaching. If any of these two qualities are missing we don’t pick them.

To ensure quality and student satisfaction, feedback and student progress are constantly monitored by our Senior Arabic Teachers, each of whom holds a Masters Qualification in Arabic teaching or more


We provide you with the best learning environment and the best teachers to help you reach your goal of understanding the Quran. Because our focus is just on delivering Arabic and Quranic understanding, we’re certain you will progress faster with us than anywhere else in the world.

We’ve handpicked the best teachers for you so you don’t have to go through the pain. Our extensive teaching experience and one-to-one class sizes means you will get a student experience tailored to your individual learning style.

Student satisfaction, quality of learning and progress are at the heart of all we do.