The Arabic College’s Senior Arabic Teacher, Mahmoud Sasaa, gave some very useful advise to our advanced level students. A number of them are Imams, teachers or are students of 6 year Alimiyah programmes, and have memorised the whole Quran. Given their strong background in the Islamic sciences, they have had very little exposure to Arabic speaking, poetry, literature and various other advanced sciences of the language.

Here is the excerp from the lesson which is useful for all students of the language:

“In the beginning we must speak well. That is first, then it is necessary that we listen to poetry. All of you listen to the Quran and have even memorised it, as well as the Ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and similar to that…

…However it is necessary that you practice speaking and that you memorise poetry and some literary texts. Look at the pre-Islamic period and even till the modern age, you will not find even one teacher of Arabic in the entire world who has not memorised any poetry or does not know anything about Arabic writings, literature or Arab civilisation etc… And this is well documented.”

Please see below to listen to the recording from the class.