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Course Summary

The course will focus on Arabic learning through the four key skills with a particular focus on developing a strong vocabulary bank along with speaking and reading proficiency. The students will study from the Arabic College’s own curriculum designed with the English speaking student in mind.

When students have reached a good level of Arabic speaking, reading and writing, they will then move on to Arabic Grammar, Balagha (rhetoric), Poetry and Literature. With a particular focus on examples from the Quran. During their studies, students will learn about the different grammatical and sentence structures used in the Quran, along with the rhetorical usage. Through this they will be able to develop a real appreciation for the beauty of the Quran.

At the advanced stage the student will spend 6 months analysing and studying Arabic Literature and Poetry from the Jahili period, then another 6 months on the Prophetic period, then the Abbasid and Umayyad, all the way to the current day. Through this, the student will understand how the language has developed and go deeper into the various words used in the Quran.

By the end of the curriculum the student will be at a level near Arabic Mastery and will be able to study any other Islamic Science in Arabic, for example Tafsir, Hadith etc.

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