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This course is in partnership between the Arabic College and Ilmul Atfaal Online to give your children the best Arabic learning experience. The course is designed to develop proficient teachers of the future.

About this Course

Thursdays 4.30-5.30pm GMT online via Zoom. Course to start on 16th September 2021.

Pre-requisites: To be able to read vowelled texts.

Introduction to the course

This course is partnership working between The Arabic College and Ilmul Atfaal Online Institute. This partnership combines The Arabic College’s Arabic expertise and Ilmul Atfaal Online’s expertise with teaching children.

The Arabic College was set up to develop competent and proficient teachers for the future and to rival institutes in the Middle East. Since our inception we have received all 5 star ratings on
Trustpilot and many students have now completed the beginner’s programme and are now moving onto the Intermediate programme.

We have also established partnerships with Muslimkids TV and other institutes in the UK. All of this points to the quality of teaching we provide. We take quality very seriously and we look forward to providing the same to your child.

Introduction to the children’s course

The Arabic College have developed a bespoke curriculum for English speaking students. The first 3 books have been attached for your reference. One book is focused on conversations, another on vocabulary and a final one on exercises and activities for children to do at home.

These A1.P1 course books are part of a 42 volume curriculum which takes students from beginner’s
to mastery. The full course covers the four main skills: comprehension, reading, writing and
speaking, and then grammar, rhetoric, poetry and literature in the intermediate and advanced

The children’s course initially, because it’s once a week will focus predominately on the four key
skills, interchanging with vocabulary building sessions. Depending on the proficiency and ability of
the students, we should get through the first booklet within the first term. This means that students
will be proficient in 8 conversations and have a very strong vocabulary bank. And their writing will
improve with the activity book which is to be completed at home.

The first week will begin with students learning how to introduce themselves and asking others, as
well as greetings and concluding statements.

The lessons will be fun and interactive and the teacher will try his utmost to engage all the students.


The Teachers for the programme will be Ustadh Mahmoud Sasaa and Ustadh Javid Patel. The
beginner’s level will be taken by Ustadh Javid Patel and the later years by Ustadh Mahmoud. Here is
a brief introduction to each Teacher:

Ustadh Javid Patel: Ustadh is the co-founder of the Arabic College and an avid Arabic Language fan.
He has studied for over 14 years part time with a number of Arabic teachers in Egypt and the UK.
Initially beginning his studies through self learning, he then studied a number of years with teachers
in the UK and Egypt, while even spending some time in Egypt learning there. Since then he has been
studying under Ustadh Mahmoud Sasaa, who he has benefitted from more than any other teacher.

Ustadh Mahmoud Sasaa: Ustadh Mahmoud Sasaa is the second co-founder of the Arabic College
and an absolute master in the language. One advanced level student described him as a “walking,
talking Arabic encyclopaedia”. He really is one of a kind. He has taught for over 30 years in Egypt and
the UK, with a number of those years having trained new Arabic teachers in Egypt. He has written
extensively on various Arabic sciences. More details about him can be found on the instructors page on our website.

Assessment and Levels

All students will begin by studying the A1.1 level. Once they have completed this level, they will
move onto the A1.2, A2.1 and A2.2 levels. This will complete the Beginner’s Level and then they will
move onto the Intermediate stage.

Our normal course structure for adults is: one year for Beginners, two years for Intermediate and
three years for Advanced level. However with children, they may take longer to achieve this, but do
not worry because time is on our side. They have plenty more years to learn and attain mastery.
All students will be assessed at the end of each level and will receive a certificate upon completion of
each level. For students that do not pass, they will be given additional support and a retake exam
will be offered.


We take safeguarding of your children very seriously and therefore all sessions will be recorded and
a member of Ilmul Atfaal Online will be in attendance at all times to observe the lesson.


We value your feedback and contribution as parents. Therefore we would really appreciate you keep
giving us feedback so we can improve. There may be times where we may not agree with your
feedback but despite this, your feedback is important to us.

How to enrol

Please contact us on Email@thearabiccollege.com or on (+44) 7940700637.

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