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Our advanced course is simply unique and builds all-round mastery unlike any other course of it's kind. Students will be taught by experts in various Arabic sciences including grammar, poetry, literature , balagha, speaking, listening, comprehension and reading. Our bespoke curriculum has been designed to develop mastery as well as give you a understanding of the development of the language.

C1.1: Advanced Grammar, Balagha, Literature, Poetry & Speaking Online

About this Course

Mondays & Fridays 10.00-11.30pm online via Zoom. Course to start in 2021/22 (To be confirmed).

Pre-requisites: To have an intermediate level understanding of Arabic grammar and be able to follow Arabic instructions and read texts well.

  • Course outcomes

    By the end of advanced level courses, the students will have achieved a level of mastery in Arabic grammar, rhetoric, speaking, reading, comprehension and even writing. Students will also have studied the development of the language from the Jahili period to the modern period, as such they will understand why literature and text have taken different forms over the years. With speaking, students will be able to speak fluently on various topics, and command conversations on a range of technical topics like finance, economics, agriculture, politics, etc.

    The course focuses on application, and so students will be able to answer questions with ease and understand the various grammatical and rhetorical constructs, thereby giving them a real appreciation for writings which are considered unparalleled for their linguistic style and beauty like the Quran. With this focus on application and question practice, this will ensure students remember the rules and how to apply them.

    Students will be able to understand poetry and recite verses off the top of their heads, as well as write their own.

  • Why this course is unique?

    This course is taught by an expert of Arabic Grammar with over 30 years of teaching experience. Our expert teachers not only bring an encyclopedia of knowledge of the language, but they are equally as passionate about teaching.

    Our bespoke course curriculum has been designed to enable students to attain Mastery in the sciences. And it addresses the extensive memorisation and lack of understanding of concepts encouraged at other institutes. As well as this, the curriculum incorporates literature development, poetry, speaking, A’roud and Al-Qaafia, all of which are very important Arabic sciences neglected by institutes across the UK.

    Students will go through a curriculum designed to make the above Arabic sciences understandable, with a particular focus on application. Students will be taught golden rules and methods to ensure they never get mixed up with and never forget the rules of grammar or rhetoric again.

Our small student to teacher ratio means students will get enough attention in class in order to get the best out of them.

  • What next after this course?

    Students should complete all the C1 advanced level courses. The following courses build on the initial ones with the aim of achieving mastery in the language across many Arabic sciences.

Ustadh Javid has spent the last 10 years learning the Arabic language. Having studied under various Arabic experts in Egypt and the UK, he brings a passion for sharing what he has learnt. He is a senior student of Ustadh Mahmoud and is undergoing his teacher training programme under Ustadh’s tutelage. Having studied a number of years without a structured curriculum, he sees the benefit of having one so the student can see what he is working towards. As such, he is keen to ensure students at the Arabic College get the most out of their learning and don’t lose sight of the end goal.

Ustadh Mahmoud combines both a love for the Arabic language and a unique passion for teaching! Along with his experience teaching native students in Egypt, he has also taught for a number of years in the United Kingdom. Hence, he knows how both native and non-native students learn. As a native Egyptian from the city of Port Sa’id and having completed his elementary studies, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies. Post-graduation, he worked in the largest and the leading secondary school in Port Sa’id. His prominence grew very quickly however, due to his unique teaching style and love for the language, for which he was awarded various awards including ‘the most exceptional teacher’.

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