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Our beginners courses are designed to give students the perfect start to their Arabic journey. Students will be taught by experts in the field, while they study through a bespoke curriculum designed for our students. A particular focus will be given to developing speaking and reading proficiency, with the teacher delivering more and more class instructions in Arabic to develop student comprehension.

A1.1: Speaking, reading and comprehension Online

About this Course

Wednesdays & Saturdays 6.30-8pm online. Course starts October 2021.

  • Course outcomes

    This course has been designed to build proficiency in students to start speaking the Arabic language, encouraging expression through various role play situations. The teachers will play a key role in your development too, as they will not only build a professional and friendly environment so students don’t feel nervous making mistakes but also they will slowly start giving instructions in Arabic thus improving your comprehension skills while you develop speaking proficiency.

    Students will also be given the skills to start reading Arabic. Starting with the Arabic alphabet, by the end of courses A1.1 – A1.4 students will have a strong enough vocabulary list and enough practice to start reading their own texts and decipher the meaning. This is essential before embarking on grammatical studies which will follow in B1 and thereafter.

  • Why this course is unique

    To ensure students get the right attention in class, we ensure there is a small student teacher ratio. This means each student will get the necessary attention required despite their different learning styles and abilities. And if additional support is required, then we also have our teacher drop in sessions where students can review their progress with their teacher.

    Coupled with this, our bespoke curriculum has been developed by our expert teaching staff who bring 40 plus years of teaching experience with the aim of developing mastery in the language. Students will not only benefit from a unique curriculum but also our teachers are truly exceptional in terms of their knowledge of the language and their passion for teaching.

The course curriculum has been designed in line with the requirements of the Centre for European Foreign Languages (CEFR) and thus, if for some reason you need to take your learning elsewhere in the world, your learning will be recognised.

  • What next after this course?

    This course forms part of a year long beginner’s course, comprising of A1.1 – A1.4. Once students have completed this, they will be ready to move onto our intermediate level courses which begin with B1.1. Here, students will develop the skills built in this beginners year and then start developing their grammatical and literary understanding of the Arabic language.

  • How do I enrol?

Contact us now at Email@thearabiccollege.com or (+44) 7940700637.

Ustadh Javid has spent the last 10 years learning the Arabic language. Having studied under various Arabic experts in Egypt and the UK, he brings a passion for sharing what he has learnt. He is a senior student of Ustadh Mahmoud and is undergoing his teacher training programme under Ustadh’s tutelage. Having studied a number of years without a structured curriculum, he sees the benefit of having one so the student can see what he is working towards. As such, he is keen to ensure students at the Arabic College get the most out of their learning and don’t lose sight of the end goal.

Ustadh Mahmoud combines both a love for the Arabic language and a unique passion for teaching! Along with his experience teaching native students in Egypt, he has also taught for a number of years in the United Kingdom. Hence, he knows how both native and non-native students learn. As a native Egyptian from the city of Port Sa’id and having completed his elementary studies, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies. Post-graduation, he worked in the largest and the leading secondary school in Port Sa’id. His prominence grew very quickly however, due to his unique teaching style and love for the language, for which he was awarded various awards including ‘the most exceptional teacher’.

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