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The Arabic College

The Arabic College is an institute run by expert teachers with an aim to become the number one Arabic institute in the UK.

Our unique curriculum has been designed by expert teachers to develop a love for the language and give our students a similar mastery as that achieved by native students from Universities across Egypt. This, coupled with our learning environment, expert teaching staff and low student:teacher ratio ensures students of all learning styles and abilities gain the maximum from their learning.

With organisations becoming more and more international, there has never been a greater need for staff to speak multiple languages. As such, our hope is that we can give our students the confidence to apply these language skills they have learnt in various fields outside of class, including applying for lucrative multilingual careers.



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We are a group of teachers with an aim to become the number one Arabic institute in the UK.

To achieve this, we’ve hand picked teachers combining over 30 years of Arabic teaching experience, both in Egypt and across the UK, and together we have developed a structured 6 year curriculum bespoke to our students.


We give you expert teachers and a bespoke curriculum to give you mastery in the language better than that achieved elsewhere in the world. Our extensive teaching experience and small class sizes means you will get a student experience tailored to your individual learning style.

We continuously review our course offering to ensure we’re responding to student needs.

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Name: Shahid Nawaz

Age: 43 years old

Occupation: Recruitment Consultant

Name: Amaan Baig

Age: 18 years old

Occupation: Audit Apprentice at Ernst & Young

Name: Hoda Basir

Age: 26 years old

Occupation: Laboratory Technician

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Our Senior Arabic Teacher's advise for students of the Arabic

The Arabic College's Senior Arabic Teacher, Mahmoud Sasaa, gave some


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