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The Arabic College

The Arabic College is an institute founded by a student and teacher combining their studying and teaching experiences to give each student the understanding of the Quran in the quickest time. This is all the while developing proficiency in speaking, reading and writing.

Our unique curriculum has been designed for English speaking students to develop a love of and mastery in the Arabic language in the shortest time frame. Our sole focus is on the Arabic language which means all our effort goes into giving our students the best learning environment, expert teaching staff and to ensuring students gain the maximum from their learning.

By making our lessons affordable we’re hopeful we can encourage every single one of you to begin yours and your child’s unique journey to understanding the Quran. Take a free trial lesson now to see why students love learning with us and why we’re simply unique in our approach.

Our Aim is 

To make the understanding the Quran possible for each and every one of you. We do this by giving you:

Unique Curriculum

Our teachers have designed a curriculum specifically for English-speaking students to allow them to understand the Quran in the least possible time

Quality Teachers

We put you at the feet of Arabic language experts from the comfort of your home. Our teachers combine a love for the language along with a love for teaching

One-to-One Learning

Private lessons mean you can learn at your pace and according to yours or your child’s convenience

Affordable Prices

We believe learning the Quran should be affordable so we give you the best education at affordable prices

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Private one-to-one classes with expert teachers from the comfort of your home

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The Arabic College are working extensively to develop new and improved resources for learning Arabic. Have a look now at some of the resources we have produced for both children and adults.